Friday, March 8, 2013

Time flys when you're having fun!

Advanced Lasers
Kitty Paws-

That saying only continues to become more true! I swear we blinked and BAM we were done with lasers! When we first started I thought it would be a long 2 months with 2 weeks of straight theory learning the physics behind a laser, not only that I was scared to burn someones skin off! In the beginning it all was so intimidating, I'd like to think we all felt that way haha. One magical day everything suddenly clicked, the nerves were gone, and we were lasering every chance we got! We gained 2 more wonderful additions to our class, Katelynn and Luz. They are so great, Im so happy to finish our time here with them as a part of our Kitty Paws. We got the chance to see the most disgusting yet interesting procedure, the swift lift, at Dr. Vincent's office. However our trip to Ink Doubt might have been slightly more interesting. That laser was just BOOM amazing! BOOM! Brenda and I learned an important lesson during the Co2 resurfacing, eggplant skin is not the closest in comparison to human skin. Our cute valentines day boxes and valentines of course were a hit and we went out of lasers with a bang, breakfast pot luck! The first week of chemical peels has already come and gone, next thing we know we'll be at our own graduation! I dont think Im ready! Looking back and thinking about the first day of class, the first time meeting everyone, I never imagined a more amazing group of ladies that I would grow to love so much! I can only hope we will always stay friends. I guess we need to stop having so much fun so that time will slow down. I dont know what Ill do after school is over and Im not seeing you all everyday. At least we have snapchat! Thank you all for your wonderful friendship, for making everyday so special, and for helping not only me but everyone learn and excel.
 Let the count down begin, 2 months until graduation!
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Once a Kitty Paw, always a Kitty Paw!


Buffalo Wild Wings is in trouble! I've been neglecting my blogging duties! Thank goodness for slow snow spa days ;). Well first things first give yourselves a pat on the back, we turned the scary dark side into a bright sunshine and rainbow happy place, we dominated intermediate, survived the dreaded brazillian wax, and broke Carly into giving reviews. Lets take a little trip down memory lane and see what went down these past few months. Remember our first day in intermediate learning the lash and brow tint, brow wax, and nose waxing? Carly was still intimidating and we were just getting into the big kid stuff. Our waxing skills and love for Carly only went up from there. Everyone's hilarious reaction to waxing others and getting waxed, Trish's fuzzy legs and Brenda being our model, such a trooper, these memories will always stick out in my mind. Ouch! Of course we kept up on our pot lucks, how could we not?! We all looked so gorgeous on our super fun days with Stephan doing each others make-up and eating those yummy chocolate berries! Ohhhlala sexy mamas! I think we all were fans of the dermasound and microderm and Trish found her true calling in life...the art of the spray tan! She may be a little crazy, but she does a flawless job ;) (jk Trish you are far from crazy haha)! Everything is better tan! CarlieDane has also found her expertise, makeup and permanent cosmetics. She is amazing and I for one am so excited for her and her incredible opportunity with sundance. Our Christmas party sure was a hit! Trish gave the best present ever and was the best host! Not to mention she gave us the cutest kitty paw bracelets. I cant wait until next year! Luckily our class is radiating with beautiful auras and we all got our rocks to help us shine even brighter, well Brenda only got them cause everyone else did ;). How could we forget, Guyla got ENGAGED! Yay! Cant wait for the best bachelorette party ever in VEGAS! Aside from all the amazing fun times we have had some sad ones as well. We no longer have Mika with us, she is so stunning and was barely starting to show that adorable baby bump. We need to still do a baby shower for her. The hardest of times have been seeing poor Natalie struggle with her brothers illness. It breaks all of our hearts, but I know it has made us appreciate each other more and brought us together as we have kept him in our thoughts and prayers each and everyday! Seeing the pictures of him walking made my heart leap for joy! Although my heart breaks for Krista and her family with the loss of her mother. I know we all adore her. Im so grateful we all have each other to lean on through the good times and the bad. School has nothing but proven that time flys when you're having fun. The kitty paws are in LASERS and will be graduating in only 4 MONTHS! Holy cow! I cannot believe it! I love you girls and I always will. These past 4 months have been absolutely incredible, I cant wait to see what the next 4 bring! Once a Kitty Paw, always a Kitty Paw!
Love you all-

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just look away.

Welcome Skin-ies!

Lets Kitty Paw our way up to intermediate
and into the hearts of the "dark side"!
Its almost impossible to believe we are already done with orientation. Where did the time go?! We have been taught by the most amazing instructors who are naturally really funny and put in a little country twang when calling names. Not only have we became friends, but we've grown into a family (by the time that we are done I better have a six-pack from laughing so hard or I will be as Nadia would say "so pissed"). Tests and spa certifications have come and gone, nerves running high, but we always come out on top by having each others backs. We always check in when someone isn't in class, I know Nadia for one appreciates this. None of us will ever forget our special "massage" guest speaker. Telepathy is real because she saw it on tv 50 years ago, I am a true believer. I love how our awesome-ness impresses everyone who spends time with us and how we all have hilarious embarrassing moments. I wish I could remember everything that has been said in these past two months because it all cracks me up. With Janie's comments and Trish's stories it is impossible not to laugh. Of course karma cant ignore anyone, even the kitty paws, as we learned today. Even though leaving our sunshine and rainbow filled perfect side is sad, I'm excited to continue making memories and growing closer as a family. I sure do love you all.
Anything you'd like to see added or changed or if you have any pictures, let me know or post away :).